Help Protect Our Economic Future

Help us make our community more vibrant, livable, and affordable by stopping Extra rent controls

Lowers Property Values, Silences You, Hurts Rental Supply, Hurts New Renters

Join us in opposing extra rent control measures in Fairfax! California already has rent control, and the new rent control ordinances have big unintended consequences that will harm our community, making it more expensive and less diverse. 

Stand up for a more vibrant, livable, and affordable Fairfax 

Protect Home Values

Help us safeguard housing providers’ rights to sell their homes.

Stop The Silencing

Petition to preserve our democratic right to vote on this key issue.

Protect The Rental Supply

We need more affordable housing to welcome new residents and to keep our community diverse and thriving.

Promote Affordable Housing

We need to encourage investment in affordable housing and not discourage it.

Minimize impacts on property sales and values

Safeguard housing providers’ rights to sell their homes without undue burdens, preserving property values for all residents.

Preserve democratic decision-making

Ensure that important decisions affecting our community are made through a democratic process, where residents have a say. 

Protect rental supply and affordability

Prevent housing providers from withdrawing rental units from the market, which would lead to higher starting rents for new renters.

Encourage Property Investment And Maintenance

Support policies that incentivize housing providers to invest in new units and maintain existing ones, contributing to well-maintained housing stock.

Be Heard! Contact The Town Council

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